Anti-Corrosion Protection

For our clients we offer service of car anti-corrosion protection.

We classified by next standards:

FAST - applying anti-corrosion coating over the rust of the car, editing only places, where coating can't hold on. The coating we use high quality, not bitumen, the average thickness is ~ 0.5 cm. This layer will cover all the rust fragments on the bottom of the car, thereby collecting all the dirt and moisture from the road. Our price for this service starts from 200 EUR. Working time, 3-4 hours, we give car back on the same day.

FULL - anti-corrosion treatment according to full technology. It's includes - removal of car parts, processing them and the internal cavities of the car from inside, removing the entire rusty layer of the car to the metal, chemical treatment of metal, soil, after applying an anti-corrosion coating thickness ~ 0.5 cm (high-quality, not bitumen). Our price for this service starts from 500 EUR. Working time, from 5 working days.

Choosing any of the services, you get a car completely inflated from below, black color. Photo are below:

anticorrosion process

We do corrosion protection only in our service near Domina Shopping.

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