Painting, Polishing

To our clients, we offer high quality car painting and polishing service.

Current service we provide with our permanent partner.

Which contains:

  • Painting of all cars
  • Painting of separate parts (bumpers, fenders, doors and etc.)
  • Painting of wheels, by powdered method or factory
  • Car and headlights polishing

Our painting workshop located in Riga, Ilguciems district.

If you need ti paint as sample, only bumper and you need a car daily, then we can dismantle it, paint it and put it back when everything will be ready.

Also, if car are not running, we can help with tow truck and delivery to our workshop.

Good, flexible approach to each client, normal market prices for work.

We also working with insurance cases (Kasko/Octa), do car repairs after accidents.

To calculate cost of repair, you can send a photo of the damage on whats app or drive in person.

Below are possible to see our car painting works photos.

For all questions, please feel free to contact us.

BP Auto - your reliable partner on auto market.