We currently have two vacancies:

1) auto mechanic

Full shift.

Our specialization - we repair almost all car brands from the chassis to engine (only cars), we also do welding and anti-corrosion work.

Necessarily requirements - experience in car repair for at least 3 years, the absence of bad habits on the workplace, communication skills, teamwork. For our part, we guarantee constant work and payment in time.

Average, the salary of our mechanic now, depending on the volume and type of work - from 1000 EUR per month Netto.

2) car transporter driver

We have about 4-5 transportation a week from Lithuania to Latvia and Estonia. Our car transporter load 4 cars, for driving, you will need C category of driving license or CE, C1E. Payment is possible after each transportation or at the end of each week. If you work somewhere else, you can combine and take one-time orders from us, 1-2 times a week.

Requirements - no bad habits, experience in transportation for at least 3 years, responsibility, communication skills.

All info about the work, you can ask us by phone. Our contact information are displayed on the website.